Solid Waste & Nuisance

The Henry & Stark County Health Department’s goal is to eliminate vectors and nuisances and the transmission of disease organisms resulting from improper storage and inadequate handling of solid waste including litter, garbage, refuse, rubbish, debris, and offensive matter within the boundaries of Henry County & Stark County, Illinois.

The following items are investigated as nuisances in unincorporated areas of Henry & Stark County in accordance with their respective County Solid Waste Ordinance.

  • Accumulation of junk and/or debris.
  • Accumulation or burning of rubbish, garbage or refuse.
  • Accumulation of salvage materials.
  • Unlawful dumping of rubbish, garbage or refuse.
  • Infestations of vermin outside of the home that may become involved in the transmission of communicable diseases.
  • Disruption of natural drainage ways and/or allowing the condition of standing water where the standing water may facilitate or encourage the breeding of mosquitoes.

The following items are not investigated by the Henry & Stark County Health Departments

  • Mold
  • Asbestos
  • Mobile Home Parks
  • Swimming Facilities
  • Bed bug, cockroach or any other pest infestation inside the home
  • Landlord/Tenant Disputes
  • Home Safety Inspections

Henry County Solid Waste Ordinance (PDF)
Stark County Solid Waste Ordinance (PDF)