Cottage Food

Cottage Food Forms

Application for Cottage Food Annual Registration (PDF) - REQUIRED
Cottage Food Self Certification (PDF) - REQUIRED
Safety Plan for Acidified and Fermented Foods (PDF)
IDPH Cottage Food Guide (PDF)
Sample Hazard Analysis Chart (PDF)
Allergen Labelling (PDF)
Cottage Food FAQ - 1 Pager (PDF)
Cottage Food FAQs - 7 Pages(PDF)

Certified Food Protection Manager Courses (Required For A Cottage Food Operation)

The next course our office is offering is December 4th & December 5th. Call our office to get more information or sign up.
If you are interested in an online format, use the following link to find accredited online classes ANSI National Accreditation Board

Sample Label for Cottage Food

                                         2023 Cottage Food Vendors Registered in Henry & Stark County 

Cottage Food Vendor Name Registration Number  Product Type  County
The Flighty Chicken 073-02-2023 Baked Goods  Henry
Cakesmith Co.  073-03-2023 Baked Goods Henry
A Spotted Apron 073-01-2023 Olive Oils & Dried Herbs Henry
Kenzie's Cakes & Sweet Treats 073-04-2023 Cakes & Cupcakes  Henry
Annie B's 073-05-2023 Baked Goods  Henry
Painted Cloud Popcorn, LLC 073-06-2023 Gourmet Popcorn Henry
Ebert Family Farm 073-07-2023 Baked Goods Henry 
M-J Farms  073-09-2023 Jams, Jellies, Spices, Pickles & Relishes Henry
Jennifer's Garden 073-08-2023 Jams, Dried Herbs, Salsa, & Pickles Henry
A Mom's Healthy Soul 073-11-2023 Roasted & Ground Coffee Henry
DCP Naturals 073-13-2023 Various Breads & Kettlecorn  Henry
That One Place Bakery & Treats 073-14-2023 Jams, Pies, Cookies, Cupcakes, Candies, Breads, & Dehydrated Apples Henry
Mulder Meadows Homestead 073-10-2023 Herbal Teas & Dried Spices  Henry
Heritage Farmhouse 073-15-2023 Breads & Cookies  Henry
Priceless Cookie Creations 073-16-2023 Sugar Cookies Henry
Petrie Soaps 073-18-2023 Cookies, Cupcakes, Breads & Macarons Henry
Lathe & Lambsquarter 073-17-2023 Jams/Jellies, Salsas, Cookies & Pies Henry
EL Bradley Farms 073-19-2023 Relish and Apple Butter Henry
North Street Treats 073-20-2023 Granola, Peanut Butter Bars, Oatmeal Bars, Chocolate Chip Cookies  Henry
CRUMB(s) Sourdough LLC 073-21-2023 Assorted Breads Henry
Bakes with Butters 073-22-2023 Sugar Cookies & Cakes  Henry
The Barrel LLC 073-24-2023 Jams Henry