Environmental Health

The mission of the Environmental Health Division at the Henry and Stark County Health Departments is to protect, improve, and promote the health of our communities against all environmental hazards. We strive to control and prevent exposures to environmental health hazards environment so there can be optimum health, safety, comfort, and well-being now and in future generations in both counties.  We improve the health of people in all communities by identifying, reducing, and whenever possible eliminating factors that can adversely affect human health through the following programs:

  • Food Protection
    • Retail Food Regulation
    • Cottage Food Operations
    • Temporary Food-Service Events
  • Water Supply Protection
    • Private Water Well Regulation
    • Abandoned Water Well Sealing
    • Semi-Private Drinking Water Wells
    • Non-Community Public Water Supply 
    • Water Sampling
  • Land Development
    • Private Sewage Disposal Program
    • Real Estate Evaluations
    • Zoning/Plot Surveys
  • Tanning  & Body Art Establishments
  • Vector Control (Ticks, Mosquitoes)
  • Solid Waste & Nuisance Property Complaints
  • Indoor Air Quality (Radon Testing, Tobacco Control)

Environmental Concerns and Potential Illness Complaints

Prevention is better than cure. Out staff are out in the field frequently due to the nature of the job, so e-mail is the best way to reach us typically. With that in mind, we encourage everyone to bring to our attention any food/water borne illnesses that may be the cause of environmental factors, or other general questions by emailing us at eh@henrystarkhealth.org.

  1. Alex Gustafson

    Land-Development Environmental Health Practitioner

  2. Megan Washburn

    Food- Related Environmental Health Practitioner

  3. Kaylee Halberg

    Director of Environmental Health